About Us

With over 10 years experience and based in Indonesia, Crystal Birds Nest provides the finest quality of natural bird’s nest.

We specialise in House Birds Nest (aka Yan Wo) in different shapes including Full and Half Cup, Triangle, Broken Stripes and in Cake forms. All of our products are premium grades of birds nest.

We have been exporting our birds nest to China and Hongkong and recently we have been granted a license to export our Birds nest to Australia.

Our Birds nest is made for Australian Quarantine standard, We clean and process our birds nest carefully to deliver the best quality products without using BLEACHING nor DYES, PRESERVATIVES, COLORING and ADDITIVES.

And our famous home made and Instant ready to drink Birds Nest soup is available in three flavours; Original, Pandan and Ginseng. It is made using the premium bird’s nest, slow cook and packed hygienically.

We highly value our customers’ satisfaction and always seeking to extend our expertise in producing swallow nest.

Crystal Bird’s Nest brings you “a Better Way to a Healthier Life”.