Our Bird's House

For more than a decade, our team at Crystal Birds Nest has been researching the best methodology in producing high quality edible birds nests. We have then discovered an enhanced methods in building bird’s nests house; we called it a “Modern Intensive way for Birds Nest house” –  building a birds house with modern techniques, systems and technologies.

As known, Indonesian nest has the most quality of  edible birds nest amongst others. We own several houses in South Sumatra and surrounds and have built many successful birds nest house in Sumatra, Java Island including West, East, and Central Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Malaka and surrounds.

Our tips prior building Birds Nest House:
1. Do Survey or Check up on your building area where the Swiftlets house going to be built or renovate
2. Do The design of “ The Effective and Efficient, Modern Intensive Swiftlets House
3. The Technical design and practice of building or renovating the swiftlets house by only the expert and experience man power
4. Technical guidance about how to look after your Modern Intensive Swiftlets house so that the population of the bird nest keep increasing

Top 11 question of  “How To” start your birds nest house:
1. How to determine good size of in and out holes
2. How to control the humadity during climate change
3. How to look after all the equipment inside , so they working it’s best effectively
4. How to differentiate swiftlets from other birds
5. How to enhance the security
6. How to do the correct harvest and when is the best timing for harvest
7. How to control and take a good care of your house so it can produce Crystal bird nest ( free of mould, fleks, and bad color )
8. How to increase the population
9. How to solves the problems of predators and interference that are often appears
10. How to understand the behavior  of swiftlets
11. What are the activities that you should do during harvesting

The reason of why we should know all those information above,  is because we do not want the population of the birds that is alredy exist disturbed or obstructed.

Tips for Building Swiftlet House:





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