The full bowl shape is one of the most easily recognisable shapes of edible birds' nest, and is characterised by its beautiful curve shape and excellent swelling capacity when used in cooking.


The half bowl shape of edible birds' nest, swelling capacity is smaller than the prestige.


The triangle shape is one of the most fascinating shapes of birds’ nest that occurs naturally. With the same nutritional properties as other shapes of birds’ nest, the triangle shape makes a thoughtful gift as it symbolises a wish of good health and fortune to the recipient


The Fine range of Crystal Nest is a hand picked selection of our natural, pure white Indonesian birds’ nest, perfect for daily consumption. It comes as small, broken pieces and is perfect for use at home in soups, drinks or deserts, the Fine range of edible birds’ nest is a perfect choice for those who regularly consume birds’ nest, or want to try it for the first time.