Why Crystal Birds Nest 2?

Why crystal Nest?

Bird nest using traditional tools such as twisters and knives, with natural water to maintain our quality bird's nest. We extensively train our employees about sanitation in handling the bird's nest. Therefore, we can guarantee that all our products are 100% birdnests pure and without any bleaching, coloring and artificial.

Benefits Bird’s Nest for Women


Women who consume bird's nest regularly will look more bright and charming and prevent aging of the skin, due to the bird's nest containing amino acids and a high collagen which serves to smooth the skin.

A bird's nest is an antioxidant foods that can detoxify the human body.
Frequent consumption of bird's nest can enhance skin tone, moisturize and make the skin smooth and has anti-aging properties. It is a known secret that frequent consumption of bird's nest help maintain the beauty of women.


 Benefits of bird's nest for the baby (6 months up )
Provide nutrition and nutritional higher during growth of the baby , and also increases the body's immunity and resistance.
Bird’s nest is presented in a manner mixed with rice porridge or dissolved in milk.
bird nest drinks for children aged 6 months up , it's great for a child's growth, nutrition contains very much, help the child's growth, increase appetite, increase endurance and suitable for children's brain development



Benefits of bird's nest?
1.Bird Nest Helps purify the blood and cleanse the lungs of impurities and toxins to form  healthy lungs.
2. Bird's nest contains a very good source of calcium to fight osteoporosis. It strengthens the lungs, improves digestion and the immune system, which is important for promoting good health among the elderly.

3. To help the body recover after extensive surgery or injury, can repair damaged cells after surgery.
4. bird's nest contains a very good food source for the growth and development and enhance the child's immune system so that children are less susceptible to colds or flu.
5. bird's nest contains a very good source of calcium. Water dissolves phlegm, strengthen lungs and liver and can also increase metabolism. Consumption during pregnancy will improve immune functions of the fetus and the mothers will be able to recover more quickly after giving birth.

6. Bird’s nest can reduce fatigue, reduce stress and restore spiritual power of the body through regular consumption
7. bird's nest contains a very good source of protein. It improves the quality of our cells by  regenerating new cells and at the same time strengthening the immune system. Frequent consumption can make the skin smooth youthful, beaming, delaying the signs of aging and healthier skin tone and glowing.

8. bird's nest containing sialic acid that can increase infant intellect.
9. Bird’s nest can help moisturize the skin, maintain beauty, provide energy.

Benefit  Brid’s nest pregnant women and the baby?

Pregnant women:
bird's nest is rich in protein and multi-nutrients needed by the body and to give the required nutrition for pregnant women and baby. Proven that pregnant women during pregnancy and postnatal edible bird's nest not only can enhance physical fitness, but also make new-born baby stronger.
consuming bird's nest regularly during pregnancy can boost the nutrition and health for the mother and fetus. Bird’s  nest contains amino acids that can help stimulate the growth of cells - new cells, repair - damaged cells, increase blood flow and increase endurance,
Consume bird's nest during pregnancy can reduce back pain, strengthen the baby's lungs were conceived. Can also accelerate the healing process after childbirth.
believed,  Bird’s nest can help the process of premature babies perfect formation, and when consumed after giving birth, the mother may recover more quickly. besides recovery, swallow nest can also help the slimming process quickly and help maintain the beauty and youthful skin.
With the improvement of living standards of people, everyone is paying more attention to their health regardless of the age of the person. We shall not underestimated of effect of bird’s nest and it is especially good for pregnant women. 
Pregnant women during pregnancy, prenatal and postnatal stages can increase maternal and fetal nutrition. Not only make the mother physically stronger, and also make newborn baby stronger in resistance to flu .
This lays a good foundation for the infant to increase their immune system and strong resistance against bacteria for growing up stages. Consuming of bird’s nest has brought benefits to both pregnant mother and baby during pregnancy stage.    


 Benefits Bird’s nest for smokers

Bird's nest Helps purify the blood and cleanse the lungs of impurities and toxins to form healthy lungs.

A healthy diet for smokers, as well as reducing the negative effects of nicotine.
for smokers who like to drink a swallow nest so the smoke is in the body and toxins will be destroyed because of swallow nest can help remove dirt that is in the body slowly,

therefore, in order to avoid its dangers or diseases a smoker's good to drink bird’s nest on a regularly.

About Us

With over 10 years experience and based in Indonesia, Crystal Birds Nest provides the finest quality of natural bird’s nest.

We specialise in House Birds Nest (aka Yan Wo) in different shapes including Full and Half Cup, Triangle, Broken Stripes and in Cake forms. All of our products are premium grades of birds nest.

We have been exporting our birds nest to China and Hongkong and recently we have been granted a license to export our Birds nest to Australia.

Our Birds nest is made for Australian Quarantine standard, We clean and process our birds nest carefully to deliver the best quality products without using BLEACHING nor DYES, PRESERVATIVES, COLORING and ADDITIVES.

And our famous home made and Instant ready to drink Birds Nest soup is available in three flavours; Original, Pandan and Ginseng. It is made using the premium bird’s nest, slow cook and packed hygienically.

We highly value our customers’ satisfaction and always seeking to extend our expertise in producing swallow nest.

Crystal Bird’s Nest brings you “a Better Way to a Healthier Life”.